Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Get rid of harmful lead with AquaGuard Reviva Total

Do you know today’s polluted water contains harmful lead? Consumption of this lead over time may cause certain types of cancers. This lead may cause damage of the brain, especially in young children. School going children need to stay alert and active so that the learning process becomes easy. This is where use of the AquaGuard Reviva Total comes into play. How are lead and Reviva AquaGuard water purifier interrelated? Well, AquaGuard Reviva Total comes equipped with a groundbreaking technology designed to remove harmful lead from water during the purification process. This technology is ‘reverse osmosis plus reviva’. And then it is not only lead that Reviva Aquaguard water purifier eliminates. The A-Z of contaminants present in water including harmful micro organisms, chemicals, arsenic, etc. gets eliminated. TDS (total dissolved solids) levels get lowered to the acceptable standards. Every drop of water that flows from the faucet of the AquaGuard Reviva is pure and safe. Children can stay more alert and active drinking the recommended glasses of water. Let your children carry bottles of water to school, water that is purified involving use of Reviva AquaGuard water purifier. You and your family will then lead a water-borne disease free life for years together. Investing on the Aquaguard Reviva is investing on your health. So, if you have children at home get this purifier and stay hale and hearty.

How do you order the Aquaguard Reviva? Dial 3988 3333; it is accessible round the clock. Alternatively, you can send online requests at eurekaforbes.com.

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