Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Compact

Every mother wants her children stay hale and hearty always. She ensures use of the right purifier at home. When we say right purifier, we mean getting an advanced purification system installed in your kitchen in sync with the water type you receive from the tap. This can be confirmed only by a test. You will then know whether you need an RO or UV or storage or blend systems. Millions of mothers rely on the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier. And there is a Eureka Forbes AquaGuard water purifier for every water type no matter where you live.

Use of UV systems is recommended in areas where count of microorganisms in water is high. One UV purifier worth mentioning here is the Aqua Guard Compact. This Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier comes powered with e-boiling+, an intelligent purity sensor system, and mineral preserver system. E-boiling+ technology incorporated make the Aqua Guard Compact a complete purification system. You get water as pure as water boiled for 20 minutes. All disease-causing microorganisms get destroyed during purification. The purity sensor system facilitates continuous scanning of the water so that you always get 100 percent safe water. Electronic impulses are produced in the Compact Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier to prevent scaling of the quartz tube. Precious minerals and nutrients are retained. Clarity cum taste enhancer cartridge facilitates improved filtration.

Other UV Eureka Forbes AquaGuard systems include Aqua Guard Total INFINITI, Aqua Guard Classic, Aqua Guard Booster, Aqua Guard Hi-Flo, and Aqua Guard VERVE.

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