Thursday, 9 February 2012

AquaGuard RO membranes and purifier price

Those who are using RO systems must be well familiar with the key component incorporated in the systems. Yes, it is the RO membrane. But not all consumers have enough knowledge about the same. Two types of RO membranes are used for domestic RO purifiers; it is the Thin Film Composite (TFC or TFM) membrane and the Cellulose Triacetate (CTA) membrane. AquaGuard RO uses the TFC type. It is on filtration ability and chlorine tolerance that the types differ. The TFC spiral RO membrane used in the Aquaguard RO ensures that 98 percent of standard contaminants are rejected. The best part is that it is less susceptible to organic fouling. All AquaGuard RO systems come with pre-carbon treatment so that chlorinated water first gets filtered via this cartridge and then proceeds towards the RO membrane.

What is the AquaGuard water purifier price difference in Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, and Total Atom? The difference noticed is in terms of technology incorporated and in storage capacities. AquaGuard RO Total ENHANCE price is fixed at Rs. 11,900. You can book it for Rs. 2,400 online and pay the rest of the amount at the time of delivery. AquaGuard water purifier price of Total Reviva RO is Rs. 10,990. AquaGuard Total Atom is available for Rs. 8,490. If you compare all three models in terms of price, you will find a difference of a few hundred bucks. The lowest AquaGuard water purifier price is Rs. 5,990; it is the Aquaguard Ultra, a revolutionary ultra filtration system.


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