Monday, 23 January 2012

Eureka Forbes AquaGuard RO systems and price

It is but a surprise that we are using all three of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO purifiers. You must be wondering how? At my maternal home, my brother recently bought the Eureka Forbes AquaGuard RO Total ENHANCE. At my paternal home, AquaGuard Total Atom had been in use for over a year now. And at my place, we are using the AquaGuard Reviva Total. Do not mistake this domestic AquaGuard Reviva with the industrial series. Yes, there are at least four industrial Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva purifiers in different specifications. Thanks to AquaGuard; there must be countless examples like that of ours. Incidentally, at all three places, TDS (total dissolved solids) levels in water are high. Use of an RO system is recommended in such areas for effective purification.

I have come across articles on newspapers and web about Eureka Forbes having over 8 million users. Reasons are obvious. This company that has first introduced water purifiers in the Indian market for domestic use, has time and again, introduced innovative technologies, developing systems in sync with the latest and futuristic trends. Eureka Forbes AquaGuard systems well substantiate the company’s endeavor in creating a healthier world. Aquaguard water purifier price isn’t high on the pockets. AquaGuard water purifier price of each of the three models that we are using is meagerly priced. Of course if you compare RO AquaGuard water purifier price with UF and few of the UV systems, you may find it a bit higher, but that is worth it.

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    • Thanks for giving me aquaguard Ro water purifier system. its good water purifier.