Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Aquaguard water purifier price statistics

Price is what is considered by many when planning to buy a product. But do you think you should go by the price only when you buy a highly useful appliance like a water purifier? You will only end up buying the wrong system. Of course, if you go for an AquaGuard water purifier, no room would be left for grievance. Because what you get with this brand are quality, technology, and innovation at their best. And Aquaguard water purifier price does suit everyone’s pocket. Price differs in the type of purification mechanism incorporated. Compared to Aquaguard RO, UV systems will cost you less.

Given below is a list of AquaGuard water purifier price tags:
·        AquaGuard RO Total ENHANCE RO at Rs. 11,900
·        AquaGuard RO Total Reviva at Rs. 10,990
·        AquaGuard RO Total Protec+ at Rs. 13,990
·        AquaGuard RO Total Atom at Rs. 8,490
·        AquaGuard Ultra Filtration at Rs. 5,990
·        AquaGuard Total INFINITI at Rs. 9,990
·        AquaGuard Classic at Rs. 7,390
·        AquaGuard Compact at Rs. 7,990
·        AquaGuard Booster at Rs. 9,190
·        AquaGuard Hi-Flo at Rs. 9,490
·        AquaGuard VERVE at Rs. 6,990.

Then there are two sophisticated AquaGuard water purifier systems that incorporate blend mechanisms. These are AquaGuard Total Sensa and AquaGuard Total Duo. Do you know AquaGuard Total Sensa is the world’s only purifier equipped multiple purification technologies? E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies – you will find them all here. And AquaGuard water purifier price is less given such sophistication.

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