Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pioneering technologies in AquaGuard

When we speak about pioneering technologies in water purifiers, it is Eureka Forbes that catches our attention. Yes, many breakthrough technologies have been exhibited in the AquaGuard water purifier series from time to time. For example, Total Sensa AquaGuard water purifier from Eureka Forbes happens to be the world’s only purifier equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. It has been designed to purify any type of water no matter where you live. Quality of water is sensed by the patented BluG technology incorporated in this AquaGuard water purifier. The best purification technology is automatically selected and put to action.

Take the example of AquaGuard Reviva Total. It comes equipped with a groundbreaking technology; lakhs of mothers are relying on this AquaGuard water purifier. It is the reverse osmosis plus reviva technology. During the purification process, AquaGuard Reviva Total removes harmful lead, a cause of brain damage in young children. There is also a series of innovative AquaGuard Reviva purifiers under the industrial purification segment.

There is an Aqua Guard for every water type; it is categorized under different mechanisms. Aqua Guard Total INFINITI, Aqua Guard Classic, Aqua Guard Compact, Aqua Guard Booster, Aqua Guard Hi-Flo, Aqua Guard VERVE fall under the UV mechanism. Aqua Guard Total ENHANCE, Aqua Guard Total Reviva, and Aqua Guard Total Atom are RO purifiers. Aqua Guard Total Sensa, Aqua Guard Total Duo, and Aqua Guard Protec Plus come with blend mechanisms. Then there is the Aqua Guard Ultra Filtration system. The list is huge!

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